Lambing Clinic, Febuary 25,2012

The New Hampshire Sheep and Wool Growers' Association, hosted a

lambing clinic at Ramblin' Vewe Farm, Dick and Betty Persons, Gilford, NH.


The lambing clinic started at 10:00am at The First United Methodist Church, on Route 11A in Gilford, NH.  Veterinarian, Donna Peck, of the Pembroke Animal Hospital, spoke on lambing.  She covered topics which will take you all through the lambing cycle.  Preparing the ewe in the months before she lambs, preparing the space in the barn for lambing, items to include in a lambing kit and other supplies to have on hand.  She explained what to expect when lambing time arrives and some troubles that could arise.  Ms. Peck then spoke on what to do in the moments following the birth.  She then entertained questions that came up. 

We then moved on to Ramblin Vewe Farm, where shepherd Jeff Keysey gave a tour of their operation and how they handle the lambing of their flock of Suffolk and Targhee sheep.  Dr. Peck  also accompanied us to the farm and fielded more questions that may arose.